Visual Artist and Video Director

After completing her studies at the Grenoble Conservatoire and the Cours Florent, she was, from the age of 15 onwards, an actress with the Theatre de l”Oeil and la Cie Louis Beyler.

She went on to study cinema at the University of Paris VIII, obtaining an EVAV-1996 licence and showing her films (art and experimental essays) in the Beaubourg Museum of Modern Art, the Louvre and the American Centre...

In 1996 she directed a short film “Terminal Dock”, with dancers from the Decouflé Company and wrote several scripts including “Poursuite” (a feature length film) and “Chut” (a short film).
After these enriching experiences her artistic career took a new turn as she continued to do research into other forms such as video-dance, experimental video, computer graphics and metal engraving, immediately opening up to spontaneous composition, especially in the area of impromptu writing and improvised movement.

Her extensive experience of filming body movement (body-camera) in the area of dance (contact and improvisation in dance and BMC)  led her towards video–dance projects such as: “Julyen Hamilton,” “Breves de Danse,” “Sortir le dragon en hibernation” ( Keity Anjoure), “Trapezi” (Sylvie Garot- SACD Prizewinner and Nuits Blanches 2005), the “Fanfare Ballet” and “K par K” (Karim Sebbar), “De Poudre et de Corps” (Miguel Ortega) and the creation of her own videos such as “Daydream”, “Tango dans l’eau”, “Animalité” and “Ozland” (with Olivia Granville).

In 2005, she met the Médit group (visual artists and performers) based in Marseille, and participated in 3 residencies: - the performance choreography “Les créatures n’ont pas d'ombres” (DanseM opening) – the production of a work for radio (radio Grenouille - Marseille) – a touring residency in Andalousia and the creation of the film “Harpia” with Robin de Courcy.
At the same time, after 4 years of metal engraving at the Ateliers Beaux Arts (Fine Arts Workshops) she developed work on drawing and automatic movement. From 2006 onwards she shared a 500 m2 workshop in the Lilas suburb of Paris (Lilatelier) with 17 other artists, sculptors and engravers. She experimented and exhibited her work here. (Participating in the 2007 Nuits Blanches through the projection of Ozland and Daydream).