Dilo by himself

“Poetic and tormented”

My work could be summed up in this way, but it draws its primary source of inspiration from materials and the enjoyment I get from working with them, converting and recycling them.
I like to think that nothing is wasted and that everything can be converted...
My concern is not only with economics, but more particularly with giving new life to ordinary materials that have been scrapped.
What a joy it is to find oneself in front of a scrap heap... to be carried along by the inspiration afforded by an ordinary piece of metal.

I first of all try to guess what would be its primary use.
And this is very often the starting point for looking for other uses.
A gas ring turns into a gendarme’s head with “kepi” helmet and transformer plates turn into the pages of a book. Working back in the opposite direction, my handling of the material will be guided by an idea or a simple emotion.
In this case, the material will help me to feed, develop and express my original idea.
Tormented but alive, in spite of everything.
Walking the tight rope of action.
Giving form...
Kindling this pulsating life.
Precariously balancing.
Is this freedom?... in movement"

Dilo by a friend

"Against the background of a 4-piece puzzle, where 2 materials to which he is giving a second life meet, Dilo captures the split second between take-off and fall, dreams and physical reality, and leaves us hanging there ... in a strange stroll through the country.
Let yourself go with it... Dream on... Whistle if it takes your fancy! "