From Paris to Beijing, over a 15-year period, Phenix Varvanov’s work included painting, drawing, installations and photography.
His intense curiosity led him down many different crosswise paths, away from his security zones down the precarious road of experimentation.
Phenix Varbanov, himself a pure product of a cosmopolitan and polymorphous culture, took whatever suits his creativity from different sources all around him – a taste for ink drawings on paper and techniques such as rubbing from China, and influences from Arte Povera and Conceptual Art from the West, from which he also took the great abstract art of the 50’s, adding a pinch of spice with rock n’roll.
First and foremost an urban creature, he would never be far from the bustling life of the city and did his work in urban contexts. Paradoxically, his art almost always seems to attempt to bring the audience to silence or to a void “nourished” by contemplation.
Françoise-Claire Prodhon