Sculptor of light and space, Guillaume Dimanche uses the digital image as tiny sample of a photographic recomposed. Videographer and photographer, he built tables by assembling photographic excerpts fixed digital images. Each frame is a large pixel of the canvas, the artist plays to move, stack, swelling, reduce, to illuminate or extinguish life into its image.


This contemporary artist questions the fragmentation of our vision and our ability to draw some more than others. Thus it came the idea to compose these tables in multiple images, calling into a scene, a character, a moment of everyday life and offer a vision impaired, split and relighted.


Multidisciplinary artist, he trained at the Beaux-Arts de Poitiers then Paris in video art and digital. It now carries several trades related to manufacturing of the picture: graphic designer, photographer and videographer. 100% digital artist, he participated in more than a decade in numerous publications and exhibitions in both places and institutional alternative. 

Marilia Destot