The Box has naturally developed around a central space known as “the Box” (the heart of the house) and the surrounding satellite rooms, the other “boxes”, which are the other rooms in the house.
// The main exhibition hall in the area devoted to artistic activities is “The Box” (1) and the attached laboratory, “The Lab”(2), located in the basement, designed as a special exhibition area - this is the annex, an experimental, intimate area painted black from floor to ceiling.

// The Flavour Box (3) is not to be missed for gourmet treats. Its long, open rectangular kitchen invites guests into the heart of the house for gourmet evenings and aperitif buffets as soon as they enter.

// Accommodation takes the form of 2 symmetrical, sophisticated guest rooms: “The White Box” (4) and “The Black Box” (5). The rooms are similar, yet at the same time so different.
The former, the “White Box”, has its own entrance on the ground floor, giving completely independent access to the street, and is more suitable for longer stays.
The second, the “Black Box”, reflects the pace of life of the exhibitions programmed in the exhibition hall. (It is located on the second floor, overlooking the gallery).

// Finally, the area reserved for administration and personnel offices, the “Private Box” (6) occupies the whole of the right wing of the first floor and the mezzanine.

Come and get a taste of this unique, out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere with its capacity for private use, discretion and refinery, dedicated to all forms of art, and to meaningful exchanges.



avec la participation de Laurence DION (photographie sur miroir, installation), Florence JAOUEN a.k.a FLO (peinture), Romain GRIMALDI (photographie), Thomas LESUR (photographie), Anne-Lise RIOND-SIBONY (sculpture)…


// VERNISSAGE le MARDI 12 JANVIER 2010 à partir de 18h30 //



The Gallery is open every day from 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. except on Mondays. (Night Openings, “flavour” evenings, aperitif buffets and artistic programming: details on www.theboxinparis.com)


Press Contact, Artists and Reservations: 6 Cité du Midi – 75018 PARIS - Aline Gellier (+ 33 6 14 30 53 38 / + 33 1 42 51 52 42 / contact@theboxinparis.com)